New Here. Call me Kitty pls


7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
Hi. New to the forum and pretty much chickens in general. Been around farms so the basics are there . Going to start raising chicks in spring here and wanting to learn as much as I can before hand. Looking forward to an enlightening winter!
Greetings from Kansas, Kitty, and
! Great to have you aboard! You have come to the right place to brush up on your chicken knowledge - BYC is full of helpful folks! Congrats on your spring chicks!!
Thanks for the warm welcomes! We're in Georgia between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida. I'll be looking for the best ways to keep my girls comfy in the heat and any other information I can glean here.
Thanks for the welcome and offer of assistance. I love birds and used to raise parakeets. This is going to be different! We are located near Fort Stewart so you were close!

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