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Sep 16, 2013
Hey everybody,
My name is Robin, I'm married with 2 adult children and a 10 yr old so, 2 grandchildren, many fur babies and fishies.
I'm taking care of my church's critters including two Peking ducks (M and F). She laid two eggs the other day but wasn't sitting and they were cold so I took them out figuring they wouldn't hatch. Today there was another and it was still warm so after watching her for an hour and a half of not stitting a brought it home with me. It's in a shoe box with a tee shirt and an automatic shut off heating pad on low. Should I take it back ans see how many more she lays before sitting. Our chickens and ducks rarely left their nests if they had eggs when I was growing up, so I'm out of my element here.
I don't have ducks, but if ducks are anything like chickens or guineas, they will lay eggs for several days before they 'go broody' and sit on them all full time. As crazy as it seems, the eggs can usually sit up to a week or so until the momma decides to settle down and hatch them. Once she does, she will usually only leave the nest for a few minutes a day to eat, drink and relieve herself.

If Momma duck doesn't seem interested in sitting on the eggs, she may need a few more days to lay a larger clutch. If she's still not interested, it may mean that an egg incubator is your only option for hatching ducklings. Good luck!
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!

They may still be fertile. The question is ...Do you want your duck to have ducklings. If yes, bring them back to her and if no - then don't.

Glad you joined us.

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

I would suggest you ask about the eggs in the Ducks section. I imagine ducks are like chickens, in that they will not sit on eggs unless they are broody, and some will not go broody at all. Hens and ducks lay a full clutch before starting to sit on them, so that the babies will all hatch out at the same time. Some people keep ducks for eating eggs, and remove the eggs daily, just as you would with chickens.

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