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Hey everyone! I grew up on a poultry farm, and while I only had a few "pet" chickens in my life, I loved the enjoyment farm animals can bring. I began thinking about getting some backyard chickens about a year ago, but didn't think it would ever really happen, since we live on 1 acre within the city limits of a small town. Neighbors on all sides have dogs, but our yard is fenced in, so I finally decided we were going to take the plunge, and take our chances.

I did a little research about breeds, and then the week before Easter, I called the local feed stores and found out which ones carried the breeds I was interested in. We took our four kids to the store and they picked out 6 three-day old chicks. It was an "Easter dream come true" for the kids. :) The chicks spent the next several weeks in our garage in a big plastic bin and a heat lamp. I had forgotten how much of a mess those cute little chicks could make.... and how much they could smell up the place! LOL I had to clean out their box daily. Whew! But, we took them out & petted them daily, too, and we were glad to have them!

We got five Araucaunas and one Tetra Tint. We (I) named them Fiona, Adele, Guinevere, Giselle, and Buttercup. We named the tetra tint Chiquita.

I researched coops and designs online, and then my husband and his best friend built ours (without formal plans!) based on what I picked out. It was a great day when we were able to put our little feathered friends in their new home.

A friend on Facebook listed as her status that her niece was looking for a home for four chicks she'd hand-raised after a hawk got their mother. I told her I'd take them, and so our number grew to ten chicks. Two of the new chicks were named by my oldest (6 years old) daughter: Chocolate & Fudge, and then we named the other two Juanita and Henrietta. As time has passed, we're pretty sure Chocolate is a HE and Henrietta is, too -- making it Henry....

Another friend raises Silkies, and she offered me some of her 10-ish week old chicks. We got two, and our 6 year old daughter named one Snowball, and our 8 year old (son) named the other Boo.

So now we have twelve. They're such pets! The original six are truly my favorites. I love to go out and just pet them. :)

I found out about Backyard Chickens when I was doing my research on pens. I bookmarked the page for reference!

About me - I'm a wife & mother. We have four children, ages 8, almost 7, almost 4, and almost 1. We have two fat & lazy indoor cats, and two outdoor cats - ferals that adopted us. I'm a speech-language pathologist. I love photography, baking, singing, and all sorts of crafts. I just wish I had more time for those sorts of things. It's not easy to find spare time for hobbies when you have four small children!

It's nice to be here! Thanks BYC for all the very helpful information you have here!

Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Hey---And welcome to BYC! This place is invaluable for information and a great place to find folks who are crazy enough to try this whole backyard
poultry thing too!
Hello and welcome from Alabama. You sound like you have your plate full! I have a Fiona and a Henry, too.

I'd love to see your coop and chickens. Have you posted photos of your coop here?
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

To answer the question about posting a picture of the coop -- I haven't done that yet, but I will try! I am still learning how to post here! :)

I'll try to upload pictures of all my chickens, too. Right now, I'm nursing a rooster (Chocolate) back to health; he apparently has fowl pox (dry) based on the symptoms. I'm hoping none of the others get it, too.... :(

Here's my attempt at pictures....


Guinevere in front, first white chicken is Chiquita, other white chicken is Buttercup. Black on in back is Adele. The green plastic container HAD four newer chickens in it for a week or so to acclimate them to the others. One day, they pushed the wire off the top and got out, and quickly learned the 'pecking order' - and they now get along fine.

Giselle, Fiona, and Guinevere (They all know Fiona is my favorite!)

Adele - I just LOVE the designs on her feathers!!

Chiquita (she's the tetra tint, a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Leghorn)

Chocolate (rooster?) and "Henrietta/Henry" (rooster?) We also have another red hen, Fudge, and a black hen named Juanita.

My oldest daughter, Anna Claire, in front of the coop with Boo & Snowflake, our Silkies. (The coop is 10X7, and 8 feet high at the peak. The enclosed middle section has nesting boxes & a roosting pole. The pen is located in the front corner of our backyard, so when we go out the back door, the chickens go crazy with excitement.) We use a hanging feeder and a hanging water "system" with drinking nibs like they have in commercial houses. It's not connected to a water hose, but we may one day do that. For now, I just refill the reservoir every day.

Don't I have the prettiest chickens ever???!!!
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