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5 Acre Rooster

6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
North Missouri
Title is simplely meaning a few years past I belonged to a poultry forum but my memory sucks these days but i think it was a different forum now that I think of it.

Anyway We own a little 5 acre farmlette and was a big bird guy a few years back but moved a and had to replenish my flock here and there. My wife let me get back into chicks, hatching she can't control til the bator dies off.

ATM we have 2 adult roos and 8 hens of different breeds. 8 Guineas and 1 duck, Waddles the farm mascot I guess. Farm stores saw me coming like they seem to always do and I picked up 47 chicks in the last 3 weeks. And they trying get me to get more tomorrow when another order comes in. We'll see......

We also have 2 dairy cows that we bought bred a few years ago. Each had a calf and we just had #3 drop out a few weeks back. And the other is getting close I think. Neighbor has beef cattle and we kind got "free stud service".

Anyway wanted to check in and say hello. I have a LOAD of work/construction/renovating to do in the near future. Hope to see people around here. Will post some pics when I get a little more caught up and flood stops.
Greetings from Kansas, 5 Acre Rooster, and
! Pleased you joined our flock! I wish you the best with your chickens!

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