New here. One chicken dead two sick

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    Jul 5, 2016
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    Hello and thanks for having me. We purchased our first chicks 2 months ago. We eagerly awaited their arrival. We paid extra for them to receive their vaccinations etc from the hatchery. They arrived and were perfect. It's not been 9 weeks since that day. We had 23 chickens 4 turkeys and 7 Guineas. We have lost one Guinea last week. One chicken last week. Just found them dead in the coop. No warning signs etc. I spend a few hours everyday in the coop with my flock. So I notice if one isn't acting right. Yesterday one of my buff Orpington was acting lethargic and not herself. This morning I go to feed them and she and one of my speckled Sussex were laying on their sides not moving. I pick them up and both of their bodies are limp. I take them to another area in the barn and I honestly though they were dead. I gave them electrolytes via a dropper and the speckled Sussex began coming around within an hour. My friend told me to give them corid liquid and said that it looked like coccidia to her. So I'm treating them for that. The problem is the chicken that was far closer to death has an issue with her face. Maybe the other chickens pecked at her? I've managed to get her standing and eating a little now and her one eye she's opening now but the other is so swollen and just looks painful. Anything else I can do to help her? [​IMG][/IMG]

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