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    Mar 26, 2018
    Arlington, WA
    Hiya! A little about me and my family.. and looking for some advice.

    I am a mom of two little boys, a nurse and wife. Last year we moved from the suburbs to an acre lot surrounded by trees. These neighbors cannot throw a rock from their home and hit ours at all. I read the CCNRs before we moved. They were written 12 years before. They specifically mentioned no poultry allowed on lot. Pets are allowed. It is my young family's dream to be more sustainable and add some hens to our little family. There are a million benefits and it fits our lifestyle to a "T". We make a lot of our own foods, grow veggies/fruits etc. I cut their hair etc... There are only 10 members of our HOA. We all have ACRE+ lots! Recently had the yearly meeting and I asked about allowing hens, up to 10, contained, maintained, no rooster, etc. 6 out of the 10 voted no. They say that they will bring rats to everyone... The fact is that we live in rural farmlands of Arlington, WA. I pass about 8 different kinds of animals to my home everyday. There are actually chickens at the end of one of our private roads in our little neighborhood. Those people are in a different HOA... but we are all considered the same "Lakewood Crest Neighborhood". In my head, this makes zero sense. The chickens are already here. This is the country--critters are already here. When we moved in, inspector found mice, snakes and wasps in our home with issues. I wasn't the least bit surprised. Also, the purchase and sale document had a disclosure statement that we had to sign acknowledging that we live near farms and it is zoned for farming. This blows my mind. I never thought for a second that I would have to be fighting this hard to get my HOA group to amend this rule for my family's well being and happiness to own a few hens on our own property in a rural country area. I am about to go around to my neighbors with a petition and explain my vision for my coop/run/veggie area. Also to note, we have about 8 cats that roam free in our neighborhood. They defecate and pee in my flower beds consistently. I do not raise a fuss. Also, neighbors have great danes and other dogs outside. Between their barking and poo, a few chickens in my yard would be nothing. Please advise.
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    Welcome to BYC! I will be an RN in May!
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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Also, I am sad to hear about your troubles. That is very unfortunate and seems to be due to a lack of knowledge on their end.
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    welcome to byc. good luck on your quest to change the rules of an hoa, not an easy thing to do. keep us updated.
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    Hope your efforts to change the HOA rules will prevail. You presented some excellent data. I would suggest you join your state thread, chicken folks there may rally round you in a show of numbers. Hoping for a good outcome.
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    Welcome! Sorry about your dilemma, but I would not start with any chickens until the HOA gives approval. You might consider looking for a place that better suits your needs, and selling this one.
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    Hello and :welcome! I feel your pain; I had to deal with a similar issue with our old HOA! Our neighborhood was zoned for farming but our HOA were stuffy as hell. The most important thing you can do is educate! Look up stats and myths-v.-facts on backyard chicken keeping. I would go to your next meeting and bring positive info, the benefits of BYC keeping, even offer to donate eggs to HOA members (LOL but it could work!), and you may want to ask for fewer hens per household. For example some residential areas near me have a max of 4 hens. That may be less daunting for neighbors to accept. Also you can find working drafts of chicken permits and assure HOA that you would be happy to comply with the issues or rules that may be of mutual concern. Most of all don't give up! The world is changing and more and more people are opening their minds and hearts to more sustainable living! If all else fails, and I know this is the cruddiest option, relocate and never, ever, join an HOA again! Due to my experiences in the past I refuse to live in an HOA governed neighborhood ever again. Hang in there and good luck!
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    Yes exactly!! We lived in an HOA before we bought our current house and it was miserable. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, but the above post is right on! Don’t give up!!! I hope eventually they’ll come around and you can have your chickens :). Side note, I’m a nurse too! in WA! I live in Bow and commute to Everett :thwelcome to BYC. Crossing my fingers things work out for you!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. I wish you the best of luck with your HOA :fl
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