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Aug 6, 2020
I got chickens this spring and not because of the pandemic but it sure made it a lot more difficult. I started with 4 barred rocks, to White leghorns, and 6 cinnamon Queens all laying. After what I presume was a dog attack and I was left with 1 Barred Rock and 5 cinnamon Queens. I have since built a larger coop and secured their yard. I had also bought two white leghorns and to Blue australorps there are approximately 4 months old. I've got baby chicks from murray about a month old consisting of 5 bielefelder pullets (only ordered 2 but something must have happened with the welsummer chicks so to make it good they shipped me three extra bielefelders), 2 white leghorn pullets, 2 silver wyandotte pullets, 3 barred rock pullets, 2 black austrolorp pullets, 2 rhode island red pullets, 2 brown leghorn pullets, 1 rhode island red male, 1 brown leghorn male (wich died at about a week old I believe to pasting),1 surprise chick that after much research comparing the chicks on their site I believe to be a french white maran not sure of sex though. Also when they were a week or so old we got 4 Americana pullets (Easter eggers)from tractor supply. I know that I go overboard lol. This site has been extremely helpful. My next step is getting them out of the house but with the heat and rain I'm a little Leary just yet. Here are pictures of my setup.


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