New here


Dec 26, 2020
Calvert City, Kentucky
Hi and thank you for allowing me into your group. I don’t have any chickens yet but we are planning to get about 25 in February. We are thinking on getting some Easter Eggers, Morans and I think it was Golden Comets but not sure on the name I know it was Golden something. Sorry. We have 2 dogs, 3 Flemish Giant rabbits and a 3 year old granddaughter that we are raising. Lol. My wife and I like to fish and hunt and take care of our yard and fruiting plants. I’m a former Marine and now a disabled truck driver due to an accident and my wife is right there with me in everything I do, we help each other out. We are trying to become somewhat self-sufficient with our grapes, blackberries, our garden we raise, the 3 rabbits which are going to raise young ones for meat and soon the chickens for eggs. Thank you

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