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12 Years
Aug 19, 2009
Petit Jean Valley
Hello Everybody and their chicks,

I have learned a lot from reading posts here, so I decided to make it official and join.

I have raised and cared for close to 7 million birds. My largest meat bird at 12 weeks old weighed 14 pounds dressed. I wished that I had weighed him before I got him ready for Thanksgiving. And my tiniest laying hen was 6 ounces, not dressed.

I have always loved chickens of all kinds. But I guess my favorite is the little egg-machines--the White Leghorns. At one time, I had a backyard flock of 200.

I will soon be in search for some good, pedigreed Leghorns, not hatchery stock. Right now, I do have 5 from a hatchery, and I think they are wonderful.

I am also working with the French Standard Black Copper Marans. And in the Spring, I will be adding the Large Fowl Blue-Wheaten True Ameraucanas.

I hope you learn a lot here and have fun!

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