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6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
been lurking in the shadows past month checking out the site. process of building a coop now to get chicks ordered late Jan. Located in west texas.
Lol thanx, coop is all up right now, Gambeled roof, 6'x9' with 9' ceiling, air vents at peak, 2 windows facing east, chicken door, person door, 10 nesting box's built into walls. Still got to put up a fenced run out in the old corral. gunna be hard to sink fence posts, I am solid dolomite 1 inch of dirt down. thinking of cat litter buckets filled with conrete with steel post in it. Other than that. just waiting on completing everything before I order my chicks in Jan.
Welcome to BYC!

I would think a mostly open (hardware cloth but not solid wood walls) coop would be best for your climate. But maybe you have fierce winds?

Anyway, I hope you are in a place where there is water! :D
Well here in my part of west texas, the climate swings alot. I am originally from the upper peninsula of michigan, So i know cold climate, and since I have moved here to texas I have seen below zero weather, Ice storms, a few inches of snow a couple weeks out of the yr. During the summer we get hot hot, spring is wind storms and tornadoes, so a coop just out of hardware cloth won't cut it. The coop and run will be in a small grove of Live Oaks so they will have shade yr round, and some protection from the wind and rain under the oaks.

With the Climate, running along the lines of Andalucian or anconas due to the climate is much the same as southern spain or italy. Also both breeds are good egg layers, and about a medium size bird when it comes to butchering.....
If you want to meet your Texan neighbors go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum , to locate and post on your state thread.

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