New Home needed for Easter egger roo in Nc


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
Guilford County, NC
need new home for my easter egger roo. I live in the city limits and don't know how long my neighbors will deal with the crowing. I am sure it will only get worse as the weather warms up and their windows are open.

He is beautiful. I would take him but I already have one. You should not have any trouble getting rid of him though!
My friend has been looking for a ee rooster. Next time I talk to them I'll see if they want to buy him. What part of guilford are you in were close to gibsonville.
have at it MRNpoultry... f it was closer i would... but im not in a position right now to drive quite that far for a roo...
How far is guilford county from Carthage? He is really beautiful!
I need another chicken like I need a hole in the head!!
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