new home needed for my lovely laying ladies.


May 17, 2017
Sadly the time has come for us to rehome our girls, we wished this day would never come but due to our landlord now changing their mind about us keeping them we now have to look for a new home for them. Beautiful, kind and easy going are my girls .. about a year old, one 2 years old.

I would like to deliver the girls to the new home so I can see where they would be living, I will miss them so much as they are the most sweetest girls!
All are laying and healthy, all four are different breeds.
If you would like any more info please just message!

Also if you would like pictures please let me know.

LOCATION BROMSGROVE, happy to travel to find the girls the right home.


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Another shot of the ladies ( there is four of them by the way!) if i have any response i shall add pictures of all the girls!


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It might help if you say where you are located at to find someone near you.
We are in Bromsgrove! Im happy to travel to deliver them to the right home. The happiness of these hens is the main priority. .... yes just realised I missed that out! hard night up with my 9 month old I blame it on :)


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