New homesteader-in-training from eastern OK


May 3, 2015
Oklahoma, USA
Hello all. My wife and are upper-20s, and owners of 2-½ acres in the middle of ranchlands.

We have apple, peaches, blackberry, blueberry, etc in the ground not to mention multiple raised beds, learning all that stuff as we go along.

Back in November, we were given a pair of 2-year old Rhode island reds, and the flock has grown since to 5 reds, 3 leghorns, 6 Cochin's, and 2 ducks.... No clue what breed they are.

In the months since first starting with those 2 reds, this forum has become a huge resource, and its been inevitable that I would sign up.

This is an awesome place and I can't wait to blend in to the community.
I'm glad you joined our "flock!"

Sounds like you have a wonderful little homestead!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Yes, this IS the place to be for all the fun and learning! Sounds like chicken math got to you. 2 + 4 = 9 chickens. Ha! Chickens are SO addicting!

Make yourself at home here and we do welcome you to our flock!
Welcome to the flock. Have you visited our Learning Center it's a great first step . Sounds like you have already 'blended,' into the chicken community. Great to have you.
Thanks for the warm welcome!

I have used the Learning Center and many of the the threads on this forum and my wife and I, and the birds, have benefited!

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