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I'm so new that other than this page (New Members), I can't find how to post a "new post"! I can't find anything other than on this page that indicates a new post. Duh! I have just added 2 new hens to my group of 4, only 2 of which have been laying. Now with the 2 new hens, only 1 is laying and not as often. It looks to me like they're pretty temperamental! I have also added a light on a timer, and I'm wondering if too much light keeps them from feeling secure while laying? What's the best way to shelter the nest? Do I need to keep light from it?Any help will be greatly appreciated!Thanks,
i dont uae any light at all. Mine seem to like it very secluded.
Hi Gail,

If you look at the top of the page and in the blue bar, you'll find all sorts of interesting links to useful info. I recommend starting with the FAQs, that gives you the basics of using the site.

I found that my hens prefer near darkness for laying. Also, when hens are moved it can take a while for them to adjust and start laying again. Four weeks is not unusual!
They are so right about finding your way around the site. I am new and I did not do it at first....then I learned to 'search' in the box at the top right. You can post a blinks and is on the right also.

But do what they said and go read in the Facs first. Then start searching. Then make sure you post a new one in the right can look in the index and find where you should post.

And they are right in no time you will be out here with the rest of us addicts!!

Welcome by the way to BYC.....I love this place!

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