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Hi there! My name is Jaci, I am in Central California with my 2 newly acquired chickens, 2 boxers, 3 kids, a husband, and a sister! My new family members are Bonnie the white/black Sussex, and Clyde the all white Silkie. They were both hatched in this past June and are both extremely sweet and cuddly. I will need a lot of advice and help in the coming months in how to take care of my chickens, so please be patient with me! :) My family is slowly moving to non-GMO foods, and I expect nothing less for my chickens too (since we will be eating her eggs). I am interested in making my own chicken food, and I'm hoping there are some patient, experienced chicken owners out there who can help me formulate and discern what I can buy at a grocery store, and what I can buy at a feed store.

I can't wait to meet everyone! Please feel free to email me directly as well, since I don't have time to sit in front of the computer very often, but I do always check my email!
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Hello and welcome to BYC
I've posted some recipes for home made food in this thread:

Grinding my own feed

That should give you some ideas. I would suggest you remove your email address from your post. Rather ask people to PM you. Posting your email on a public site like this encourages spammers.
Try to move away from genetically modified corn and soy ASAP. The Bt from the corn is passed through to human intestinal bacteria and the Bt pesticide is now thought to be being manufactured in human guts, not just in the corn. Other peas or beans can be substituted for the soybeans, most of which are genetically modified to withstand glyphosate (Roundup (TM) so they get sprayed with LOTS of this herbicide. The effects on farm animals eating GMO corn and soy is often bleeding stomachs or intestines, lowered immune function, hyperactivity, skin problems and much more. I buy Kruse Organic Chick Starter for growing young birds and Kruse Organic Lay Crumbles for mature chickens. They are manufactured by Modesto Milling and certified organic. For me, the cost is worth it. I also feed white millet and black oil sunflower seeds (increases the omega 3 content), neither of which have been genetically modified yet. I also feed alfalfa hay every day since I live in the desert and don't have fresh pasture for the chickens. I had my supplier check with his alfalfa farmer to make certain he does not plant GMO alfalfa. I can tell from the presence of other plants occasionally in the hay that it has not been sprayed with herbicide. Azure Standard food coop that delivers throughout the western states carries Cascade organic feed by McGill Ranch, Look them up and call to see if they have delivery in your area, if interested.
what is layer mash and what is chick mash? actually.. what is mash?

Layer Mash is the best formulation of feed for chickens that are mainly raised for their eggs. Chick Mash is the best formulation for baby birds. There is a different type of Mash that you use if you are raising your bird for meat. Mash in general is a nutritional mix of grains as opposed to Scratch which is considered the equivalent of human junk food. Do no use Scratch as their main food source, but just something that will keep them busy and pecking at the ground. I believe that it's not bad for them, but I've heard it called Chicken Potato Chips...

PS: They call if Scratch because you throw it directly on the ground and they scratch at it with their feet before pecking at it. Most of us put the feed in some type of container for them to eat out of.
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