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Hello all,

I am a new member to the BYC, not totally new to chickens as I am a farm boy. I have always loved breeding livestock. I started with show pigeons at the age of 13; ended that hobby after some 25 years. During that time I continued a family (and added my own touches as well) of Show Rollers accumulating six National Champions and about a dozen reserve National Champions along with numerous District Champs and Reserves. I was also awarded the United Roller Club of America Master Breeder Award. I now have racing pigeons and am in my first year of club/combine racing.

With a recent move to down size as empty nesters (no pun intended), my wife Jan and I now only have an acre but the chicken bug bit me. I acquired my first this past weekend at a poultry swap. I pre-arranged to pick up two dozen BBS LF Orpington chicks. Some are from Korfus lines and the others are more local stock but have won at several state shows. This is starting out small but I always get neck deep in my hobbies so I can already see breeder and grow-out pens going up..... LOL "Don't tell my wife!!"

Would love to hear from anybody as I am like a sponge for information. I also have an interest in obtaining some Isbars and maybe some SL LF Wyandottes down the road. The Isbars simply because they are rare and beautiful and the SL Wyandottes because of a rooster I had as a kid named "Cogburn".

Joe Grimes
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Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!

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