New incubator is here.... What would you do if you were me?


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Oct 22, 2007
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I have a dilemna and would like others opinions. This is sorta long......

My new Hovabator 1588 is here!
I have two LG's that I am using. One for an incubator and one as a hatcher. I think the hatcher is my problem........

In the incubator (that is so far very temp stabe) I have eggs from Jody, eggs from Marie, my own eggs and tolbunt polish eggs and eggs from eggbid. I set them not knowing that DH was going to buy me a new bator.

All year long every single egg I've tried to hatch has died after day 18 I beleive.
I think this because when I candled on day 18 they were moving and I could see them. Into the hatcher they go and nothing hatches. I've had temps all over the place for no reason in the hatcher. I'm using a flukers, a water weasel with a brinsea spot check. The hatcher will be stable for days and then boom I'll walk in and its 112! I've replaced the wafers a couple of times. Thus the new bator. I've had eggs partially hatch and die, eggs externally pip and die, eggs internally pip and die, eggs never pip and die all with fully formed chicks. So, DH idea was to buy me the new bator and use it as a hatcher also. If I have no problems he will buy another one to use as a hatcher.

My problem? I have eggs in the "old bator" each with different hatch times.
So out goes the bator/hatcher use since I can't do that. I don't want to lose the eggs I have that are all developing nicely.

Would you use the new bator as a bator and move the eggs into the more temp stable old LG or would you keep the eggs in the bator they are in and use the new one as a hatcher or would you keep using what you have and fill the new bator with new eggs? I really like the last idea but the eggs I have I would really like to hatch. I don't know what to do, what would you do if you had to choose?

After this hatch I do not intend on doing any staggered hatches and only plan on using the new bator until I can successfully hatch something.


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Mar 2, 2008
Unless I read you wrong ....

I would get the new incubator up to temp and humidity .... run it for 24 hours then move the eggs into it.

I would use the decent LG as a hatcher.

Then I'd set about fixing the electrical problem the other LG is experiencing. Sounds like the thermostat is occasionally sticking in the heat-on position.

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