New incubator recommendations needed!


Dec 13, 2020
Hey there!
We need recommendations for a new very good incubator appropriate for both chickens and turkeys? I’m so fed up with this generic foam still air starter one we have. It’s wasted so much of our time and energy because we’ve learned the hard way that the sensors are completely inaccurate and the ‘system’ is too basic to be effective - essentially its like toy incubator which is upsetting because all the big feed stores sell it along with the equally expensive egg turner option.

Human mistakes were made like setting batches of eggs a week apart in the beginning and we have had to learn those tough lessons, but the reality is the incubator couldn’t reach over 50% humidity set at 103F even at 110F / 98% humidity outside 75F inside during summer without constant intervention/adding water meaning too much opening & closing. We’d have to set temp at 109F for temp at egg level to reach 97F and couldn’t stay at 70% humidity unless we added warm water basins daily and kept lid shut for 5-6hours. Making something as simple as giving water to new chicks harmful to other hatching and developing chicks. The additional water basins/sponges etc also have made it too risky, cramped, uncomfortable for new chicks to stay in there while they are drying off. Need to get something better ASAP. Lost a dozen too many otherwise perfect chicks almost entirely due to drowning. The first quarter of every hatch is fine. Flock they come from is young & healthy. Eggs are turned and handled appropriately. Sanitation is exhaustively maintained all around. All signs point to disturbances during lockdown. Open to other possibilities but done with this incubator either way.

We not only dislike the idea that we’re unintentionally mishandling chick embryos but we fully intend to move forward with our conservation commitment by hatching our first clutch of heritage turkeys this Spring - and with the few eggs they lay, we don’t have much room for failure.

Our farm is in a subtropical woodland area that does freeze but choose to incubate in the house which is climate controlled not to go below 65F. Outdoor humidity is generally high year round but indoors it plummets so having an incubator that can reach and stay at specific humidity levels for 10-20 eggs at a time is ideal for now. Also on the incubator wishlist is an automatic egg turner but will settle for one that doesn’t have that if it can just help maintain environmental settings needed for a healthy hatch every time! Thank you in advance! We value this caring community and all your experience

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