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May 25, 2020
Sussex County, Delaware
-I am new to chickens. I have wanted them for years but my husband as not as he grew up on a poultry farm and raised chickens into his 30’s. Small flocks is something new to him as well.

-We currently saved about 16 from being killed when Coronavirus took over. They were going in and turning the ventilation systems off in farms and allowing chickens to die. So we offered to take a dozen and ended up with 16 (11 hens and 5 roosters). We will see how that plays out. 2 months later they are all walking finally, learned to scratch in the run, and are so sweet and happy.

We also have 13 Barr Rock straight run chicks that will be interesting to see how many are hens and how many are roosters.

Recently we received 3 Road Island Red Hen Chicks and 10 Orpington Hen Chicks.

Excited to see how our Flock turns out but they are all very friendly so far.

-My favorite aspect of raising chickens is just the enjoyment of watching their antics and actions. I love taking care of them and enjoying how they all come to me to be petted or for food.

-Other hobbies are raising goats, horse back riding (English), my two mini dachshunds, camping, travel, and just relaxing by the pool.

-I am married to a veteran from the army who grew up on a poultry farm. I myself am going back to college to be a nurse but had to put it on hold as college shut down due to coronavirus. I have two wonderful stepsons one is in the air force and just got married this year. The other is in the national guard military intelligence and is a police officer as well. I love my life! 💙

-I found BYC in a search for something chicken related online and came across the site. I’ve read multiple threads but just joined today... Memorial Day 2020.

Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Are the chickens you saved from the farm Cornish crosses? You've got a lot of birds! Do you plan to coop the laying flock at night?
The rescues are Cornish Crosses. They will actually lay eggs as well... just not as many. I do keep my flock inside at night. It’s temperature and humidity controlled in the coop.

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