New Ladies Stopped Laying


13 Years
May 12, 2011
I have 6 new hens- four pullets (12 weeks or less) and two Bantams who are about a year and a half. I got the Bantans two weeks ago and they layed 5 eggs in a nest box the first week, but nothing since. I introduced the pullets to them about 4 days after I got the bantans but they still layed for a few days even with the new chicks bothering them. All chickens free range my backyard and are shut in their coop in the evening. The bantams were shut in the coop for the first two days so they could get used to it and when the pullets were introduced (I know know that the bantams should have been quarantined but I'm hoping for the best.) I shut the whole flock in for another day.

My question is - do you think the bantams have stopped laying or are they laying somewhere besides the nest box? I've searched the yard, but haven't turned up anything, nor has my usually very reliable egg finding dog. I can shut everyone in the coop/pen again to see if the bantams will return to the nest box, but maybe they are just taking a "get used to the new home" break. I was told that they would lay 6 to 8 eggs a week, but also that it might take a couple of weeks for them to start laying as they adjusted. They have never free ranged before - but they do return home nicely every night and put themselves to bed. And they are getting along with the pullets - although one of the bantams is Ms. Bossy Pants and pecks at the poor pullets when I give them treats.


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