New Layer Buff Orpington


Mar 23, 2021
Antelope California
Hey guys so I have a buff Orpington that I want to say has only laid about 2 eggs. And she hasn’t laid an egg since last Monday. The weather here has been in the high 90’s, so I have increased water stations throughout their area. Also on really hot days I spray down the area the free range in. Also I have ice water bottles I put in their water to keep it cool and I play them around the coop. Lastly, I’ve cut back on their treats ALOT and if they do get treats I mix in their egg shells as well as oyster shells. So I’m not sure if it’s because she’s still a new layer, and my friend did say Orpingtons tend to be a mediocre layer, but should I be concerned that it’s been a week with no egg?
No need to worry. It's common for new layers to start slow like that.
Just wanted to add that you don't have to add egg shells and oyster shells into their treats. Just put them in a separate bowl, and let your chickens take however much they need.
I agree! My hens started laying like that too. Little by little!!! So exiting!! 😁

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