New Layer Laying Soft-Shelled Eggs

Lamar Estate

8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
St. Paul, Minnesota

My Penciled Indian Runner, Penny, just started to lay eggs 4 days ago. She's a bit of a late bloomer, since she's 7 months old.

4 days ago and today, right before she laid a perfectly fine little egg, she laid a HUGE broken soft-shelled egg.

If the soft-shelled eggs had not broken inside her (or while coming out of her), she would not have been able to push them out. They were the size of my Sebastopol's eggs. Penny is otherwise behaving normally.

Is this something that can happen to new layers and will go away? Do I need to worry about her becoming egg bound? Is she lacking something in her diet?

I love her very much. She's my little sunshine. I would do anything for her.

Thank you,

The soft-shelled egg next to a normal duck egg for comparison.

Penny about to take a warm bath.
I get eggs like that on occasion. I don't think it's anything to worry about if she is also laying normal eggs. I'm new at this though so hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.

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