new layers...regular??

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    Sep 21, 2012
    I have four hens that are four months old. I collected one egg Thursday morning (my first) and one egg Thursday night. No eggs Friday morning and no eggs Friday night. Ok I admit I am disappointed but should I be worried or looking for hiding places? They are free range so it is possible they are hiding them. I dont really know what to expect.
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    They are still really young. To start laying at four months is early, so be happy for that. [​IMG] It may take them a while to become "regular," and depending on breed, some will lay more often than others.
  3. Probably only 1 of your hens is laying, a lot of new layers aren't regular, but if you want, you can go try to find some hidden eggs. As she gets more regular she should lay almost every day (Depending on her breed / genes )
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    I have 4 of my 6 pullets laying. I get 1 egg per day, sometimes 2. They have only been laying for 8 days now. They will get more regular and larger with time.
  5. Oh, and
    From the frozen world of Alaska! Glad to have ya!
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    Frozen? Don't you mean soggy??

    Anyhow, I got my first egg last friday, next one was Thursday, and #3 was today. I am told it takes a while before they are regular. Mine are 19 weeks. I have 12.
  7. TurtlePowerTrav

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    To clarify, it is one or two eggs total, not from each bird. I think each one is laying every other to every two days. I re-read this and it sounded like I had freak birds.
  8. [​IMG]Sure wasn't soggy last winter!
    Is Sterling along the coast?

    [​IMG] On your first egg
  9. Hello from Calif. My young hens are now 16 wks. old. Reading on here, they are still too young to lay. My breed is Orpington & wyandottes mostly.
    At what age should they be laying??? I wonder if I will get any eggs this year or have to wait till next spring??? I am new to this hobby, joined this spring.
    Welcome chickntn!!
  10. You should expect eggs around 5 months, sometimes sooner, sometimes later

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