New Laying Pullet Going Broody?

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11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Camden, AR
We've got one Production Red / RIR pullet that's just started laying about 10 days ago. Now she's laid claim to the biggest nesting box, and keeps rolling around and checking the two eggs inside it. She's been doing this off and on for a week, and today, hasn't left the nest in the last 4 hours.

Isn't she a bit young to go broody? And isn't it rather late in the year for one to WANT to set a clutch?

I've got 18 2-day-old babies, but I don't want to put them with her in a brooder cage if she's just going to kill them, rather than raise them. How long does it take to REALLY KNOW that she is broody, and ready to raise a brood?

I had another hen go broody, and hatch a clutch in July. She commandeered a nest the same way, but didn't mess with the eggs any. After only two had hatched, she abandoned the nest, and I ended up hatching out three more in the bator, and raising them by hand. The hand-raised ones are only half the size of Mama's babies (all 9 weeks old). I'd much rather have a hen raise them If I could.
MY one pullet has been acting up just like yours lately but she has no eggs. She just wants to lay in her box all day pretty much, untill i get her outside then shes fine. Dunno what to say lol
Wish I could help. Maybe put a couple babies in with her and see what she does...? If she seems ok with those, maybe give her some more. Just keep an eye on them for a while after you put them in.
One of my Black Star pullets did exactly the same thing -- laid a few tiny pullet eggs then wouldn't leave the "prime" nest box. She growled when I took her off and then stood around all fluffed up and glared at the world for a while :thun. She did eat a little then right back on the nest
. Since I don't have a roo and don't want to deal with raising baby chicks in the winter, I just covered the nest boxes after the other 2 laid for the day and she gave up after a day or 2. I'm a total newbie to this chicken thing but after reading all the great posts here sure seems that they're broody.

Also a newbie to forums, how do you get the smilies to show up as icons rather than words, :thun for example rather than the smilie?

Ooops, just answered my own question.
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