New member and clueless new chicken owner


8 Years
Jan 1, 2012
Hi everyone I'm Doreen and I just joined the group because the other day I got my very first chicken that I saved from being killed at a type of fresh poultry store and I have a ton of questions since I don't really know anything about chickens so if anyone has some time and can both educate me and answer some questions it would be greatly appreciated
I can be emailed directly at [email protected] or I guess I can also get replies at this forum I'm not sure how the forum really works yet either but I was in a rush to get in touch with people that can help me to help out my newest family member thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and for any help have a great day Doreen

I've had chickens now for a year and LOVE my girls

Any questions just ask.
You can get answers to most any question you have by typing it into the search box. Most questions that newbies ask have been answered many times...just do some research here!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

If you go up above to the line that has Index - User List - Rules - etc, and select Index, you will find a menu that has many places to go for advice. Select any that you have questions about. Some have "stickies", posts that are always at the top of the list, that have a lot of information and are worth reading first. Then if you have any questions about a specific thing and can't find it in the search, you can open a thread of your own with your question.

Good luck! Mary
Welcome to BYC you have out done many members already just by posting.........we have 28 pages of members that have not posted lol.....which gives me an Idea for a post.......anyway welcome.

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