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May 13, 2020
Good morning - we are now 4 weeks in on this new adventure of raising chickens and we couldn’t be happier! We love our 6 chick flock and have fingers crossed for all hens as we are not allowed Roos where we live. They have been such a great part of our daily life now, when out of their brooder box and unsure they flock to me for reassurance and it’s interesting to see their personalities come thru already. We have 3 children and a Labrador who just adore them so they are getting a lot of love and time :) We are busy building our coop and coming up with clever ways to provide treats, kitchen scraps and a chicken playground of course. We have 2 of each - Columbian Rocks named Sweet Pea & Daisy, 2 Red or Brown Sexalinks named Afrina and MC Karen (short for Mother Clucker 😜) and we have 2 Sussex so we named then Harriette after Prince Harry and M-egg-hen as it seemed fitting for them. They love outside field trips and adore their self proclaimed fort under one old Adirondack chair we have!

This group has been really great for a newbie family like us. When we are ready for more hens it’ll be great to expand our breed types further and the information to all our questions are right here along with some funny YouTube videos! so wanted to introduce us and say thank you for the membership and the support!


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