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May 30, 2020
Hi everyone! I just joined here the other day but I've been reading posts here for a while now. I've wanted ducks for years and just finally became a homeowner a few months ago so now I'm finally able to have them. I have 4 ducklings that I got on May 14 and were 1-5 days old when I got them. Two are swedish blue, one is a Cayuga, and one is a Pekin. I got them straight run so I don't know if they're male or female yet, except the Pekin has started quacking a little bit so I'm pretty sure she at least is a girl. I also have 6 chicks at the moment. Two orpington bantams, two California White and two golden comet. Two of the chicks we are raising for someone else and they'll go to her when they don't need to be kept indoors. Other family members include 2 guinea pigs, 2 parakeets, and my 2 daughters. I have about a quarter acre that I'm trying to turn into a homestead. Something I'm looking forward to right now is building a small rice paddy to grow rice in and let the ducks swim in it and take care of pests/fertilizing. I currently have the rice started in two containers in my kitchen. I'm hoping to start putting the pond together this week so I can plant the rice outside and have it established enough to introduce the ducks in a few weeks. I've gotten a lot out of reading posts here and I'm looking forward to being part of this community :)


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Feb 2, 2017
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Best of CLUCK With your homestead.

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