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Jul 14, 2016
The Battle Born State
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My Coop
Hi my name is Anjolie and I have 2 ducks and both of them are around 6 months. One is a Cayuga and is a duck her name is Beeker. My other duck is a Khaki Campbell and is a drake and his name is Lucas. I've been on this site just looking at question that someone else had that I also had too! This is my first year of owning ducks and want to continue if you have any tips for me that would be great! I'm also in 4-H so if you have an tips on showing a duck that would also be great, I'm the first one in my county to show a duck so everyone is trying to figure it all out. Thank you for reading my intro and private message me if you have any ideas, THANK YOU!!
Hi :welcome Anjolie

Glad you could join us here! I see you have found the duck section, I'm sure you will enjoy all the chat about them there. Wishing you the very best of luck and enjoy your time here on BYC :frow
Hi and welcome to BYC! Thanks for joining us and good luck!

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