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Oct 19, 2012
Northern Arizona
Hi everyone! I have been on here many times finding answers to my billions of questions and finally took the time to join! I grew up having various livestock but was too young to remember how to actually take care of them all. So, now that I have kids of my own and our area finally got zoned after all these years, I decided to get some chickens and I'm so excited!
Unfortunately, I have a mean neighbor who is not at all excited that we are zoned for chickens (and roosters!) and has been complaining to us every day that we're out building our coop - kind of put a damper on things but I'm trying not to let him bother me.
First day it was, "You better not be getting roosters because I don't DO roosters"
Second day, "You're not building an eyesore of a coop from recycled wood are you?"
Third day, "You know I'm downwind from you - you're going to keep it clean right?"
Funny thing is - he has the most trashed yard on the street - old cars, tons of weeds and even a washing machine sitting in his front yard, which I have never complained about, nor care - we live in the country! Grrrr.....

My youngest daughter hatched an egg in an incubator that turned out to be a beautiful (now about 18 weeks old) Rhode Island Red rooster. The other 3 eggs she had either weren't fertilized or didn't make it. So, we picked out 3 other chicks from someone in town that had hatched about a week later. They turned out to be a Speckled Sussex hen, a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen, and a White Rock Roo. Since we only ended up with 2 hens, we decided to build a big coop and order some more!
Our new babies all arrived at 6a.m. this morning at the post office (from Ideal Poultry) and we picked them up right away. Unfortunately, our 2 mallard ducks that we ordered were dead when we opened the box and 1 of the 2 Pekin ducks that I ordered passed away in my arms a couple hours later. So, that was very disappointing. I now have 1 baby Pekin and the following baby chicks:
(and yes, they are all named)

2 Black Australorps (Ninja & Shimmer)
2 Barred Rocks (Mayflower & Pocahontas)
1 Speckled Sussex (Cookie)
2 Ameraucanas (Chubby & Chipmunk)
1 Blue Silkie (Disco) *my daughter's special chick
1 Red Silkie (Snuffleupagus) *one of my son's special chick
1 White Silkie (Cloud)
1 Black Marans (Falcon) *my other son's special chick

Ducks: (we are replacing the ones that didn't make it) - ordered from Metzers as they let us get small amounts
2 Pekins - Ping & Yangtze (from my favorite children's book)
2 Rouens - Kumalie & Ava

Thanks for letting me share and thanks for all the great information on here!!!
from California! I'd rather listen to a rooster crow any day rather than my neighbor's barking dogs! Your neighbor sounds like a real piece of work. I'm sorry your ducks didn't make it how sad.

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