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Hi everyone, My name is Greg, my wife and I own a Poultry Speciality Store. All we do is chicken items. We carry anything you need to own or breed chickens at home. we do not anything that has to do with commercial chickens. We have all of your drinkers, feeders, incubators, medications, and all sorts of accessories you might need. If it has to do with chickens at home we will have it. We are just getting started and offically opened yesterday March 1st. We carry lie chicks in the store and have access to most breeds anyone would want. Just give s a call or visit our website (still in progress) or come by and see us. All of our contact info is on our website. P'Fowls Poultry . It would not let me put the link in but you can search for that name and it should come up in google. I thought the home chicken lovers deserved a store dedicated to them instead of having to go to the feed store or hardware store to get their items.

We love chickens and our whole family is involved with them. We have several different breeds at home and just swapped over from bantams to standard breeds. We do still have a couple of pair of bantams. My 15 yr old son is the one who got all of us into them. I will be dropping by as time permits. If you are in the area please feel free to come see us. If you need anything just ask..

Congrats to you and yours on the new store! and a big
from SC!

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