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Mar 31, 2013
Hello all- Adam, new member here. I have had a small flock with 3 hens- one Rhode Island Red, 2 Plymouth Rocks- since February or so. I am hoping that eggs will be coming soon. I had a couple of false starts with my one of my dogs getting at chicks, but after some reinforcements of the coop, all is well now. I recently built a pen for my girls to allow them some free range. I love watching them do there thing with plenty of room. Unfortunately- they are not so cooperative coming back into the coop at night- they seem to prefer to roost in trees- but I am trying to bribe them with scratch each night. Look forward to learning more here.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

You might try keeping them shut in the coop for several days, until they become accustomed to putting themselves to bed there, before letting them out to range again.
Greetings from Kansas, Adam, and
! Pleased you joined us! I agree with 1muttsfan about keeping them cooped for a few days. If the tree roosting continues you might consider a trim of the wings - that will keep on the ground at least and maybe more likely to head to the coop. Good luck to you!
Greetings! I agree with keeping them in the coop for a while.Nothing seems so frustrating as trying to get the chickens to go to bed when YOU really want to go to bed yourself. Good luck.
If they continue to roost in trees predators are going to have some easy snacks. I agree with clipping wings , is it possible to put a top of their pen. Maybe the dog attack taught them to head for the trees.

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