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Sep 26, 2009
I just picked up my first pullets at a great farm in Walnut Creek, CA (TruNorth Farm) and the owners recommended this site for chicken fun. WOW! Great site! after a few minutes wandering around I figured I'd join. We're new to the chicken world, and my kids and I are SO excited! Do you guys ever meet up? All my friends think I'm a bit strange for wanting chickens in my yard, and I'd love to meet fellow flock minded individuals.

The new family members are:
-Rhode Island Red
-Blue Wyandotte
-Speckled Sussex
from WI. Congrats on your new chicks!!! Check the section "Where Am I? Where Are You?" for others close to you....most states are represented. Also, check the section for meets/swaps and poultry shows....Have fun!!!
from another East Bay chicken owner. Nifty is also from the East Bay, so you're in good company!

We do meet up occasionally. We had a Chickenstock in Walnut Creek in August, and we plan to do it again next year. Last weekend, a few of us went to the Santa Cruz County Fair for the Poultry show and the garlic fries!
And, just this morning, I met LilBizzy (from Maryland) for coffee, since she and her husband are in the area visiting family.
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