New Member from North Carolina!

Doc McChickens

May 16, 2017
Hello! I'm a new member, but an experiences chicken momma! I have been raising chickens for the past six years. Sadly, last fall, a predator took out my entire flock. We revamped our coop, spruced up the run, and made a larger and safer play area and started a new flick this spring. We now have 2 Easter Eggers, 3 Leghorns, 3 Red Sexlinks, and 1 Bantam in our flock. We love our feathered friends and raising them is a family affair- even the dogs think they are their babies!
Welcome! It's always nice to have another experience chicken keeper join us. So sorry about the whole flock. That's really rough. Honestly, it's one of my biggest fears! I'm glad you were able to come back from it.

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