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Sep 11, 2013
Hello from NYC!

I'm new to keeping chickens. I've been browsing here for several months to get info about chickens after rescuing several hens and chicks from a trace rack here in NYC where they were tossed away with others. I'm new to chickens and decided to keep four of hens then ordered seven chicks four months ago. But sadly 3 died :(

I have 9 chickens; a sussex, silkie, australorp, easter eggers, rhode island reds and wyandottes. Wilee, one of my dogs, was curious and afraid of the chicks but now love them!

welcome to BYC!

Your chickens are so lovely, and a good variety. That will maybe make it easier to figure out who is laying which eggs (and I always like knowing that)
Thanks! I'm always excited to see eggs in the nest boxes. My Wyandottes lay eggs almost every day since I got them. The Sussex doesn't like to lay in the boxes at all but makes her own nest in rose bushes or pile of dead branches in the yard
I can't wait till the easter eggers lay eggs though!
Beautiful pictures. You should mosey over to the 2014 BYC Calendar contest - they are looking for sharp, chicken photos. Only two entries per person, if you enter more, they will delete all entries. I like the photo with the downward looking dog - no one has entered anything like that. Give it a try

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