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Sep 24, 2013
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Hey guys we have just recently built a chicken house - coop it is 24ft long by 16ft wide and today we were given around 12 chickens I believe that they are 2 polish not sure, 2 Australorps again not sure, 2 Silkies def know about these, 6 Rhode Island Reds I don't know much about chickens but fig I would get some to cut down on my food bill since my 4 kids go through about 2dz a week lol! Here is a pic of our house hope to finish the inside up soon! Forgive the mess with my tools and stuff in the background! I hope to talk to a lot of you and learn a lot!
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

Glad you joined us.

Your Polish will have amazing top hats. Sometimes it is a wonder if they can even see.
RIR are great layers and over all great chickens - mine did not want to be held but they were first in line when I was handing out treats each time.
Australopes are very curious and large They have really dark eyes but have a very sweet temperment.

Enjoy your chickens

Welcome to BYC! You've got a nice coop. We've got a dozen or so of assorted breeds that we share with neighbors. The neighbors have a huge coop, and we have a henhouse, but the girls prefer to be free-rangers. They forage all over both our yards, and occasionally stray across the street.

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