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Hi everyone! What a nice website to add to my favourites. I was looking for a resource like this!

Let me introduce myself and my animals:
My name is Daphne, I'm 29 and I grew up in the city. We moved to the country in 2008 so we could keep our horses in our backyard ;) . We own 2 American Quarter Horses (Pride, 15, sorrel, mare, and the mother of our 3 other horses and Biscuit ,1.5 ,sorrel, our amazing colt) and 2 American Paint Horses (Ayla, 7, chestnut tobiano, mare and Faith, 4, gold champagne tobiano, mare).
We also have 2 dogs, German Shepherds Clinton and Zara.

Moving here meant we could finally buy ourselves some chickens!
We started with 3 hens and one rooster, but now we have 3 big coops with a variety of chickens.

Coop 1; rooster Humphrey (100% ? but a true gentleman) and his 6 girls (5 hens are 50% wyandotte,50% ? and one pullet is 50% barnevelder, 50% ?)
Coop 2; rooster Dirk (50% wyandotte, 50% ?) and his 4 ladies (all 100% Lakenvelder chickens)
Coop 3; rooster Humberto (50% Lakenvelder chicken, 25% wyandotte, 25%?) and his 2 ladies (one 50% Lakenvelder chicken, 25%, 25%? and one 100%?)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Hello and welcome from glad you joined

also meant to add that my Mom has a friend she converses with thru the internet who lives in Naarden. Wondered if that was close to you :)
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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan
Greetings, Daphne, and
! Great to have you here. Sounds like some very pretty birds you have there! Glad you were able to move to the country and start your farm. Best of luck to you!!

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