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Jun 27, 2022
I moved from an apartment to a house this year and I’m planning on getting chickens. So I’m yet to have any chickens but I’m here to learn, so that they will have a nice home when I finally get them.

Trying to be more self sufficient, and I eat a lot of eggs, which is two of the reasons for why I want to keep chickens. The way chickens are treated in the industry egg production is also something I do not want to support. Keeping my own chickens will guarantee that the eggs I eat will come from happy hens.

I live in the Nordic’s so I’m especially curious on how I can keep chickens during the cold winter so that it’s as comfortable as I can be for both the chickens and me.

In my free time I garden and I’m also doing up the house I just moved to.

This forum was recommended to new chicken owners o the Reddit room with the same name.
Welcome to BYC, you are in the right place! There are lots of great folks here, the articles section of this website is also a great place to start, here's a query I did for "cold weather" that contains lots of good info: weather&tab=620

Some breeds are cold-hardier than others and there are coop designs and husbandry practices that will be helpful. Personally I have no advice since I live in Florida :p

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