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Sep 28, 2009
Been using BYC for about a year and a half for loads of information. I found BYC when looking for chicken info on the internet.
Decided I ought to go ahead and join.

We live in the south central part of Oklahoma. Got started on chickens a year and a half ago when my husband's friend gave us a partially blind old mixed breed rooster. Well, of course you can't have a rooster without some hens so my teenage son and husband went to a trade and bought two hens. (I still haven't been able to find what breed they are.) I fell in love with the chicken hobby and since then we have hatched fifteen chicks, been given eight roosters and five hens, been given seven white leghorn pullets, bought five more hens, and been given a guinea. We have also lost four roosters and three hens to predators (obviously I don't let them free range anymore), one hen to a freak accident, and one hen just recently to an unknown cause. They are all mixed breed except the leghorns and the first two hens (but like I said I don't know what they are). My biggest challenge has been creating the coops and pens since they can't free range due to predators. Since we were given so many roosters we have to keep several pens to keep the peace. Going to have to cut back on the rooster population (at least five of my chicks are roosters.)

I also have three children, one old great pyrenese, two mutts, one weimereiner pup, and five cats.

Thanks for sharing all the great information!

from Indiana!

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