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9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
DFW, Texas
I have 3 that are laying eggs. 2 barred rocks and a Rhode Island red. I have a 5-6 month old ameracauna that has not laid yet and an Ameracauna roo that is beautiful. He looks like this but that one is not mine. We have 4 buff orpingtons that are straight run and 4 1/2 months old. We also have 6 that are 5 or so weeks from Marshall Feed and Grain. I bought some and another lady local to me bought some. She decided to give hers to me. There are 4 Dominique, 1 Rhode Island red and 1 Ameracauna. I also have 30 red broilers that are 10 days old. I'm looking forward to them growing up.
: Angelique

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