New member in Indianapolis - Looking for Hens


8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
Hi everyone,
I am a new member from Indianapolis. I am just getting my first suburban coop up and running, thanks to a lot of reading and great advice on this site (I have been lurking for a while!). I am looking to start a small flock of hens (up to 6) and would love to hear from anyone who has healthy young hens for sale in the Indianapolis area.
Thanks in advance !

You can post in the "wanted to buy" section of the forum, or check out your state's thread in the "Where am I, where are you?" section of the forum.

Good luck!
Thanks for the tip, Laree. Looks like I need to have 10 posts before being able to post in the wanted section. But I have tried our state link. Glad to be here!

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