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May 28, 2012
Los Lunas, NM
My husband and I are purchased some peeps, of assorted varieties to raise pullets for eggs.
We also attempted to hatch Araucana eggs and French Copper Marans as we would like to raise these breeds toward the SOP. Knowing that nothing is perfect ;)
We did not do to well on our first use of the bator. So now we are attempting a second batch of BCM eggs. Have decided it may be better to purchase and ship Aracauna day old chicks than try hatching their eggs, what with having the fatal tufted gene to deal with. I've found so much useful information from this group I just had to join. Keep up the good work!:D
Welcome and hello from Utah!

Where in NM do you live?
We live in Los Lunas, just south of Albuquerque. Thanks for the welcome. I'll be candling eggs the nexy day or two to see how they're growing.

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