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Hi all!
Brand new to chickens. My 8 yr old daughter joined 4H this year and decided she wanted to show chickens. So we ordered 1/2 dz white black tailed japanese (her number one choice) and 1/2 dz light brahma bantams (her other top choice) from ideal. We lost 1 brahma but the others are 3 wks and getting bigger! Ideal also threw in 5 rhode island reds (I guess for warmth) and my 2 1/2 yr old son has laid claim to them. No shortness of love for the chickens!
Sorry this is wordy, but wanted to give all a good idea of the family in the intro.
from another Okie, we are always glad to have more.

Here is the okie page great people and fun. Cindy
thanks all for the welcome!
Quick question, does anyone know when the show in Newcastle is in Oct? Would like to take daughter to see how one is setup. I used to show rabbits when I was at OSU, but I don't think chicken shows are done the same way.

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