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Hi all! I have been lurking around the BYC community for a while, soaking up all the valuable advice, but thought it was time to participate. We have 8 chicks (hopefully all pullets but that's a separate thread): a RIR, an Ameracauna, a Buff Orp, a Black Australorp, two SLWs, a Salmon Favorelle, and a Barred Rock. They have been living outside for about a week; the oldest ones are about eight weeks old. We have a coop with an attached, enclosed run that we're planning to move around our property although they're ready to move more often than we expected! The coop is still under construction although it's livable and secure for them. We haven't gotten the nesting boxes in yet. We also have five dogs who are very curious about what's going on in the other part of the yard. Anyway, I think that's all the pertinent info. Looking forward to being part of the BYC community!
Greetings from Kansas, JsChicksNC, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Sounds like you are well on your way! Best wishes and have fun!

from WA state!

If your dogs dig you might do a search for "hardware cloth apron" to see if you need such a thing around the edges of your chicken tractor to keep them from digging under to get to the chickens. (It isn't necessarily buried.)

Enjoy your chickens!

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