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Jan 9, 2016
northern Minnesota
Hi, I'm Robin M. I live in Northern Minnesota, right now its -10 with a windchill. Ive used this site alot for a few years but just now joined. I like the forums and all the info. I have 8 Aricana laying hens and to little white hens, I think they're banties, not sure. They lay cute little white eggs. Ive had chickens for a couple years now. We have a very old barn that needs a lot of work but cleaned and spruced up the chicken coop in it. My hens are free range in the summer.

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Robin, Welcome to Backyard chickens. I know parts of Mn. get very severe weather. I think your best source of info. will be from other BYCERS in your state. Put state name in the search box and it should pop up. Do ask what breeds do best, and any recommendations they make for type of coop. Chickens generally handle cold much better than heat. They do need a draft free - well ventilated coop even though that sounds at odds with each other.

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