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Jul 30, 2021
Hi All,
I love chickens and think that hanging with them is relaxing. I love their funny individual personalities. I love the sound of a rooster, and when they become nice gentlemen to their ladies. I love eggs, of course! I first raised baby chickens in 2010, and not again until 2019. An ermine killed all but one of my wee flock of 9, and the one that remained became a house chicken for 8 months until my new flock of babies went out to the coop. I now have 21 total: a Bielefelder rooster, a black Cochin rooster, a partridge Cochin, 3 blue Cochin, a Speckled Sussex, 4 Amerucanas, 4 Bielefelders, 2 golden laced Wyandottes, 4 Salmon Faverolles. I also have 3 Standard Poodles, a catahoula/McNabb cross cow dog pup, 2 horses and 1 mule, and the sweetest man on the planet! We hike, float, enjoy a variety of music, and soak in hot springs for recreation. I'm the Executive Director of a collaborative conservation and education nonprofit in rural northwest Montana, and my partner is a carpenter and artist. I've been following BYC for years, and appreciate the shared knowledge of my chicken loving peers here. :)

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