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I always wanted some yard birds there had been this lady selling chickens & chicks at the local flea market . so i asked the lady what kind of chickens & how much ? she gave me three 6week old black cooper marans pullets for $10 bucks. I was hooked just like my garden & my fish tanks. I did some searching on the web were i saw the blue egg laying Ameraucana i had to have some. I was in luck i asked the local feed store and they said they would have day old ameraucana pullets the next week .I went to pick up my 2 chicks i don't know what happened but i ended up with 2 chipmunk looking ameraucanas 1 light bramma named tweety & a buff orpington named Buffy. the kids liked the birds so much the next week we were back at the feed store you know just looking . we came home with 2 sebright chicks i hope we get a male & female. well that's a little about me & my pets
Welcome to BYC!
Sounds like you're off to a fun beginning.

Just, FYI, feed stores usually sell Easter Eggers and call them Ameraucanas. They are still great birds and you will most likely get green eggs anyway. That's happened to a lot of us, myself included! But I love my EEs. And, I also have a Buff Orpington named "Buffy."

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