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Jul 4, 2022
Hi! Logan is my 24 year old son who loves the outdoors and wildlife. He had me incubate and hatch 8 turkey eggs, 2 of which sadly didn't survive. The remaining 6 seem to be thriving and I'm working diligently to keep it that way. I'm the surrogate mom and I want to help release these guys into the wild when they're ready. I'm hoping with help from you folks, we'll be able to do so. I wasn't prepared for this undertaking, but I'm committed and willing to take it on. I hope you'll help!
Turkeys are unexplored territory for me -- but so were geese and runner ducks when I first got those. And, while we had chickens when I was growing up, I wasn't the primary caretaker.

So, this group -- which has an abundance of experienced, generous folks -- has been a godsend for me; I hope it's just as helpful to you.

Welcome to BYC, and best wishes with those poults!
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