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Aug 11, 2021
Hi everyone my name is Carl and my wife is Maria. We found this forum while searching in the net for some help for our sick Muscovy duck. I noticed that there are a lot of people helping each other out and felt that this would be helpful for us too. My wife and I are now retired and we once adopted six abandoned baby chickens. We raised them and had them for a few years but it was against County regulations to own chickens where we live and a neighbor reported us. We had to give them away to a friend that lives in a small farm upstate.
We also adopted an orphaned baby duck that we found alone near a golf course. She is now 61/2 years old and recently became sick. We think our neighbor (same one) sprayed his yard with pesticides and some of it got to her. We have been hand feeding her for two weeks and she has made some progress but she's still not back to normal.
We live in a big city and not too many vets are familiar with small farm animals so we hope some folks here can give us some helpful advice.


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May 7, 2017
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Welcome to BYC, Carl & Marie. I'm so sorry your duck is ill. Have you bathed her, in case the pesticides are on her feathers? I've never tube fed a duck, but maybe someone in the emergency section could instruct you. Since she has held on this long, it may help to get liquids down her, in order to dilute the toxins.
Good luck to you!

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