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10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Hi I'm fairly new here, been on the sidelines. 1 yr ago I moved from Chicago to Nashville, Indiana lots of property and love it! I decided to get only 6 chicks in the beginning and ended up with 19!!! Hard to resist! Built my girls a beautiful coop and a nice large "playground". I thought it would be hard at first because I have 7 dogs too, but everyone gets equal time, well I try i"ts hard not wanting to be with my girls! I look forward to learning alot from everyone-so far I have learned alot about treets to give them-I knew there was more to life than scratch!! I can't believe how much joy they give me!!! Where have I been all these years????
from WI. I just started with chickens this spring and asked myself the same question......WHY did I not get chickens before? They are so much fun to have around

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