New Member just getting started could use any advice!!


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Alvord, Tx
Hi, Me and my daughter are just getting started raising chickens. We have some Bantams right now. I am interested in the silkies. We have raised show rabbits for about 5 years or so. The chickens are new to us. We are so excited. We would love to show them, maybe next year!! Any advice would be helpful. Anybody in North Texas with Silkie chicks for sale please let me know. I love the white ones. We are located an hour north of fort worth.
Welcome! I live in CA, and don't have silkies, yet, LOL. So I can't be of much help in that way. But many people sell silkie hatching eggs if you are interested in incubating. A few off of the top of my head are FluffnStuffSilkies and TheRealSilkieChick. Again, welcome to the Family Friendly BackyardChickens!
Welcome Denece and Lacey!

Silkies are so adorable ... well, so are pretty much every other breed, at least to me. I'm hoping to get my own first Silkies in May.

Spend a whole lot of time using the Search function at the top of the page. You can research and learn about pretty much every question you have. If you can't find an answer feel free to ask and someone here will certainly be able to help you. The people here are great!

You must stay away from Purple Chicken!!
(You'll understand that as you read more posts.)

Plan your henhouse for more chickens than you think you want ... you will want more, they are so addicting.

Have fun!
Hello from Australia.
My name is Michelle, I am a lover and breeder
Of silkies. I would love to import some silkies to Oz from the US.
Does anyone know of any breeders and their websites? Would be greatly appreciated

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